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For small businesses with more than 5 employees, a simple communication strategy should be in place. Lack of communication is often the culprit for redundant work, missed opportunities and lost customers. Often, for small organizations a simple and inexpensive setup will get all of your employees focused on a shared vision.


2kreate has experience setting up small, single product shops as well as enterprise-grade, self-hosted web stores. We are not tied to any one platform or merchant services company and will choose a combination appropriate for your brand.

sales strategy & training.

Small businesses often do not have the resources to develop a sales strategy and train their employees to deliver consistent customer service throughout the sales pipeline. 2kreate has experience developing strategy and providing training for inside or outside sales, business to business, telesales and account management.

technology integration.

When scaling your small business, setting up simple systems that make your work measurable, replicable and efficient typically requires technology. This could include setting up your G Suite, a mobile-first inventory system or integrating your social media management into a single platform. 2kreate has familiarity with a wide range of solutions and can provide effective and affordable training for your and your team.

About 2kreate.

Curious About 2kreate?

2kreate is a very small team – just Daniel and a small network of services-for-hire that he has built relationships with throughout his career. He has helped dozens of businesses part-time starting in 2004, and finally transitioned to full-time after graduating with his MBA in December of 2020.

Daniel Powell - 2kreate
owner & sole operator

daniel powell

Daniel has over 15 years of experience helping a range of small businesses on the Western Slope and throughout Colorado. He has a BS in Computer Science and an MBA focused on sustainability and social impact.

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